10 Tips to Mow Mow Mow Your Lawn Safely Down the Stream – Lawn Mower Safety

4 Jun
10 Tips to Mow Mow Mow Your Lawn Safely Down the Stream - Lawn Mower Safety

Over 9,000 children are seen in the Emergency Room each year due to injuries related to improper lawn mower use. A few simple Lawn Mower Safety steps can prevent your child from being among the unlucky ones who end up with totally avoidable injury.

It’s not child’s play

Of course mowing the lawn can be fun for kids and is a great way to teach them responsibility. However, it is not child’s play. A child must be at least 12 years old to operate a push from behind lawn mower and at least 16 if they are to ride a lawn mower. Basically they should be old enough to drive

Top Ten Safety Tips to Mow Mow Mow Your Lawn Safely All Summer long

  1. Watch out for flying Rocks: If a rock or stick gets caught in the blades they can be fired in the air like a bullet. Penetrating trauma to the eye is easily avoidable by wearing safety glasses. Anyone mowing the , the lawn should be wearing safety glasses. This includes adults
  2. Dry and Light isn’t just for Wine You want to make sure the lawn isn’t wet when you mow and you want to mow the lawn when there is enough daylight to see what you are mowing
  3. Rides are for amusement parks small children should not be given rides on lawn mowers under any circumstances
  4. Flip off the Flip Flops you should not be wearing flip flops while mowing the lawn. Always wear sturdy closed-toe shoes that don’t come off easily.
  5. Tighten your belt Your clothing should be tight fitting so it doesn’t get caught in the mower blades
  6. Know Your Slopes How do mow a slope? Well, that depends on whether you are pushing or riding the lawnmower. If you are riding you need to mow up and down with the slope so you don’t tip over. If you are pushing the lawnmower then you go along the sides This is the avoid the possibility of slipping and cutting cut by the blades.
  7. No kids allowed Make sure that you have established a perimeter that serves as a no kids zone while mowing the lawn.
  8. One Way Sweep Unless absolutely necessary do not mow backwards.
  9. ) Mind the ears! Wear ear protection. Lawnmowers are loud and can negatively impact your hearing
  10. ) Do not MUI It might seem obvious but you should never MUI or Mow under the influence

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Dr Silverstein is the Medical Director of Firefly Pediatric Urgent Care and is the author of Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards

Dr. Stuart Silverstein,

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