5 Clips for Calming Coronavirus Chaos

18 Mar

Coronavirus Chaos

I don’t think any of us have lived through something like this. It has the feel of a blizzard coming to town. A blizzard blows into town, we can see it and then it is over. It lasts a few days and we are back to normal. The coronavirus can’t be seen and for most of us can’t be felt. It is easy to dismiss it but we are warned that doing so has dire consequences. Fear feeds on fear ! Throw in the freefalling stock market and we are all feeling a sense of helplessness and doom ! If your livelihood doesn’t lend itself to working from home and you are worried about how to pay your bills ! In this Coronavirus Chaos article I am trying to explain more!

The End is Near

It actually seems like the end is near, as in the end of life as we know it! If not then when will this end? What is the end game? Of course, this will end and we will probably be better for it. Up until now, it seemed like we have been spiraling into a more and more virtual world. Now that we have been forced to physically distance ourself, we will have a new found appreciation for actual face to face socializing. For those of us old enough to remember, there was something great about being out in the streets playing with and socializing with friends. Maybe the end of the virtual life as we know it is coming to an end and it is actually a new beginning. In my Coronavirus Chaos article I just tried to explain these things.

First Things First

Before we can get to the new beginning we have to get through all of this first. There is so much unknown and so much confusion among parents. We can help clarify this and we are here!

Do I have Covid – 19

We have been told that most people with Covid – 19 are asymptomatic carriers. You can also have a mild cold and be infected with Covid – 19. What should you do? As of today testing is only recommending for those with symptoms and have been exposed to someone confirmed Covid-19 positive or if you have traveled to China, Europe, Iran or South Korea. It would also be a good idea to remain home if you ill and given the current lockdown of all activities this is not difficult to do.

What if I think my child has Covid-19

The same applies to children. Testing for children is not recommended if they do not meet the same criteria for testing. In fact, many of the drive-through testing sites won’t test children younger than 8 years of age. That means testing has to be done in the ER and that is not a good idea. If you are not sure what to do call us at 203-968-1900 and will guide you. We can see your child at our office or via our telemedicine portal

Do / Don’t See Your Doctor

The messages we are being given are mixed at best. If you are sick, stay at home! This advice is based on the goal of not overwhelming local Emergency Rooms and to minimize social contact that can accelerate the spread of the virus. However, flu, strep, croup, allergies and a whole host of other pediatric illnesses and issued have not ended. Fortunately, we have made arrangements in our office to see children that is consistent with social distancing which we cover in another blog. We have also arranged for an ” Anytime Firefly” telemedicine portal.

Can I Just Cruise By Firefly For A Covid 19 Test

At this time we are not providing testing. We have been asked to set up a testing tent in our parking lot or just come out and swab. That is easier said than done for a lot of reasons. However, we can evaluate your child in our office or through our telemedicine portal and help determine if testing is indicated. Usually, it is not and we can assist with reassuring you why.

Social Distancing in a Waiting Room?

There is no need to be concerned about coming to Firefly and sitting in a waiting room full of sick children. Even before the current crisis, we have implemented our ” on the fly appointment app” so that patients are seen by appointment with a virtual waiting room. We have taken this a step further with screening procedures at the front door and seeing patients separately so that social distancing standards are maintained.

Until the end of Time

We will continue to be here for the children of Fairfield county, We are also here for the children throughout Connecticut through our ” Firefly Anywhere ” telemedicine portal during this crisis.

Call us First!

Coronavirus Chaos

We are staying on top of the daily changes announced by the CDC and Connecticut Department of Public health. Our number is 203-968-1900 and we are here to help! Let me know your thoughts about this Coronavirus Chaos blog.

Dr. Stuart Silverstein,



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