5 Tips for Safe Grilling!

24 May

Memorial Day Weekend Starts the Summer BBQ Season

Everyone enjoys a Summer BBQ. For those of you with children it is important to keep them safe with these 5 simple Tips for safe grilling.

1) Grill Free Zone

Keep children ( and pets for that matter) away from the hot gill by creating a 3 foot ” Kid Free Zone”

Keep Children away from the Grill

2) ABC – Always Be Cooking

That means always be present at the grill or have someone else present. Never leave a grill unattended. Unattended grills are one of the main causes of fires caused by grills.

Another ABC rule ! Have an ABC Fire Extinguisher available. This is an all purpose extinguisher that uses a dry powder in the event that you have to put out a fire caused by a grill. While you are at it make sure that it is fully charged. If you are not sure consult your local fire department.

Never leave children alone while grilling
Stay with the grill

3) Long Forks and Tight Cuffs

Do not wear loose clothing and use long utensils if you don’t want to feel the burn.

Safe Grilling for families
Use the long tools on the grill

4) Stand Back !

If you like a nice tidy backyard with everything against the railing or the house that is fine. You can keep your grill where you want when it is not in use ( and cooled down ). However, when in use, keep the BBQ grill away from the house, away from deck railings and anything that might catch fired. This includes lawn toys and low hanging trees. This should be maintained for safe grilling.

appropriate clothing for safe grilling
Keep the Grill away from the house

5) Grease should not be an invited Guest

Make sure your grill has all the grease pans changed. Clean the areas where grease accumulates. Depending on how much grilling you do, this should be done periodically to prevent a grease fire within the grill.

Preventing Grease fires and thermal burns in children

Stuart C. Silverstein, MD is the Medical Director of Firefly Pediatric Urgent Care and is the author of Laughing Your Way to Passing the Pediatric Boards

Dr. Stuart Silverstein,